Amy Simon, MMus (Clarinet), PhD (Ethnomusicology), RMT

Amy has returned to her hometown of Charlottetown after many years of travelling for study and performance. She holds a Masters degree in Clarinet Performance from the University of Victoria, and a PhD in Ethnomusicology from York University in Toronto. While living in Toronto, she studied traditional Japanese music, in particular the bamboo flute, shakuhachi. Meanwhile she taught private lessons for several years on all of the Western woodwinds. More recently, she toured several times throughout Europe and North America as principal clarinetist with the orchestra for a classical Chinese dance show, performing about 100 shows a year in renowned opera houses and theatres.

In 2017, she joined the music faculty at the University of Prince Edward Island, teaching a course in Music & Culture, and has published academic articles on Japanese wind music. She plays 2nd clarinet and bass clarinet with the Prince Edward Island Symphony Orchestra.

Her private students have won gold medals for their Royal Conservatory of Music exams, monetary awards at the provincial music festival and scholarships to study music at university.



埃米·西蒙, 音乐硕士(单簧管),博士学位(民族音乐学), RMT(注册音乐教师)

经过多年的游学和表演之后,埃米回到了她的家乡夏洛特敦市。她荣获了维多利亚大学单簧管演奏硕士学位和多伦多约克大学民族音乐学博士学位。在多伦多生活期间,她研习了日本传统音乐,特别是笛子和日本尺八。同时,她还进行了多年的私人授课, 教授所有西方木管乐器。近期,她作为管弦乐队的首席单簧管演奏家多次在欧洲和北美巡回演出,为中国古典舞蹈表演演奏,每年在著名的歌剧院和剧场演出大约100场








[Image credit: Utagawa Kuniyoshi]

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